Happy Spring!

March 2014


Alright, so a lot's been happening, let's see ... the new year's started for me as a Board Member of Passionate Ink, the "erotica" arm of the Romance Writer's Guild of America. It's an exciting time -- new fresh faces, new leadership, new activities, lots of great energy! If you're an erotica or hot romance author and looking for a group of like minds, check us out (!


I was also on a long-ass trip all over Asia and the Middle East for several weeks, so I'm back with fresh motivation to write, market, and learn! Stay tuned for a couple pieces in the works ...


VO erotica work has been ramping up; on the horizon is another piece with producer/author/actor Peter Klein, who I worked with on Plunder, another sexy audio book. I'll also be working to produce my own stories as erotic audio, so stay tuned! Can't wait to put a serious dent in this new year ...

Happy Summer
July 2014


It's Independence Day weekend in the US, and it's hot outside and time for fun in the sun! 

Hard work this spring has paid off -- my latest work with producer/author/actor Peter Klein is now LIVE on Amazon!


Check out A Good Student Part II by Elliott Mabeuse, a talented author with a keen eye for what goes on in the mind of a dominant male in a May/December BDSM relationship! I play a smart and submissive naive girl who has her whole world (and every orifice) opened up by her college professor. A powerful and intense project, but I think the story speaks for itself. As of this posting, it's got ALL FIVE STAR reviews on Audible -- get out there and check it out! :) And as always, if you're interested in having me perform a story for you -- check out my voiceover page and let me know. Hit that button to your right to find out more. 

I'm gonna be Membership Director of Passionate Ink in 2014!

November 2013


Woah woah woah! So I've been a member of Passionate Ink, the "erotica" arm of the Romance Writer's Guild of America since 2008. I'm a shy one (it's true!) so I didn't engage nearly as much as I should have over the years. I'm a lurker, it's true. But this year folks were asked to step up and show some gumption on behalf of the membership and the community. I threw my hat in thinking, nah, they won't vote for me -- but lo' and behold, people did! I'm super stoked and excited to put in some sweat equity on behalf of the membership and do more than lurk! And it'll be great chance to network and get to know my community more, which is always a good thing in such a lonely job as writing ... 


I start my new role Jan 1, 2014! Good times. :)

Bring your erotic stories to life with sizzling audio

May 2013


Now that the main site is up and running, I can get to the bells and whistles! I've created a more robust page on my erotic voiceover offering - got an erotic or sensual audio project, and seeking talent to capture your fantasy? Whether for your own personal private use, or for business use, I'm happy to help breathe seductive, sensual reality into your erotic story or script!


Filled has been reviewed @ kitties like books, too!

September 2013


The lovely Sarah at Kitties Like Books, Too, has reviewed my first mfm erotic novella, Filled! She's given it three stars; but I think the main issue for her was the story theme (cuckolding) and the communication style of the characters didn't suit her. Given that the whole point of the story was cuckolding, I'm happy to get three stars! Says Sarah ... 


And, boy, was it a one-handed read! Never a dull moment....So even if this book was freaking hot, I'm left wondering why the characters have such a hard time talking to each other! ... Other than the non-communication, this was a hot little read. This is a story you read when you don't want too much story to get in the way of all the yummy sex.


taking has been reviewed @ nudgewinkwink!

April 2013


The lovely ladies at Nudge Wink Wink have reviewed my first published novella, taking!  Honest and fair, with pros and cons, but I think pro enough to incite a little curious reading, eh? Some key quotes ...

Noire’s narrative pulls the reader into the role of voyeur. The sex scenes are well written and graphically described. Noire works hard to vary her descriptions thus creating a vivid erotic image for the reader.​

... and another ...

This novella is certainly full of a variety of sexual encounters that keep the reader interested and the atmosphere erotically charged. It contains graphic sex scenes, dominance/submission and violence.

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