Given my love of erotica, and my voiceover training and experience, I'm able and excited to provide a unique offering that allows me to create wonderful erotic voiceover art just for you!

  • Private, custom commissions for your personal use 
  • Unique commercial projects for the adult consumer

My 10+ years in professional voiceover have given me unique experience in a highly commercialized field used most often for business and marketing projects like television commercials, narration, and radio. I've performed in private and for-sale pieces. One example is live here. Read on for my general ratesheet and terms (bottom of this page). If you're OK with my terms, summarize your project using the form below, and let's get in touch!








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Every project is unique, so the rates provided on this page are only a ballpark figure. I'll need to know a few more details to provide you with a quote - please submit your query with the following details:

  • Project summary
  • Word count (for me to record)
  • Your budget

Hire a professional voice talent for your erotic project.

"Mira Noire's silky smooth voice envelops you in eroticism! Her script interpretation, vocal tone and theatrical instincts were exactly what my project needed. Honestly, she could make the owner's manual for a toaster sound sexy." -- Private Client, Fall 2013

If I were to tell you that I've been working with folks for over 20 years in erotic audio and that your work was the highest quality in ALL categories I've heard, you might stop taking me seriously. If you eat 2 chocolate bars the third has no taste. Therefore, after careful consideration, I'll sum it up thusly: oh, it'll do! When can I hire your expertise again!? ... Your attention to detail is the mark of an expert. Ok. Enough of these compliments. Back to listening. -- Private Client, Summer 2014

The male, female narration of Peter Klein, and Mira Noire makes this one of the best erotically beautiful love stories ever recorded. -- Listener, 2014, The Good Student II (Elliott Mabeuse)

Mira Noire was amazing. She not only nailed Emma she WAS Emma. I feel like I have known this character all my life after listening to her performance. -- Listener, 2014, The Good Student II (Elliott Mabeuse)

Mira Noire recently did a custom voice recording for a story that I had been working on for sometime. It was truly an amazing experience, she brought all the characters in the story to life.  She has a such an amazingly talented voice that is both soothing and relaxing to hear.  A custom voice recording from Mira Noire is a very special thing that you will never forget about.  It is both highly recommended and highly satisfying. - Private Client, July 2014

Rates, Terms, and Conditions
  • Rate: ~$450 USD is my average rate (not per hour, but flat project fee). I love recording erotica, however, so if that price scares you -- you should reach out anyway, we might be able to work something out. This rate of course includes not only an experienced talent who will perform the recording (acting, not reading) but I also provide you with a clean, professional audio file (I record, edit, and engineer the audio file for you; or, you can do that yourself).

    Generally, pricing depends on length of text and content use. This is just a ballpark figure. For example, a novella (20-30k words), could post at $600+. If you have a shorter work, but intend to resell it, then the rate will also increase. It all depends on how many words I'm actually recording (the more words, the more work!), what you've actually got me performing, and how you'll use it. ;) 

  • Default Ownership, Rights, and Terms of Use Agreement:

    • Private commissions: We will both share authorship of the completed work. I agree to maintain the privacy of your project and to not distribute or promote the project without your permission in writing, or to resell the audio for your project. You agree to do the same, and will only use the work for your own private enjoyment. Should you wish to distribute or resell or reuse the content in another format beyond our original agreement (defined in our invoice/contract), you agree to not do so without my prior written consent. Said consent may require an additional commercial use licensing fee. You agree to always note my shared authorship or voice actor credit for the work as "Mira Noire."

    • Commercial projects: If you are a producer or distributor, our agreement will include a buy-out rate that matches my agreement to these terms of use for the audio: We will both share authorship of the completed work that uses the audio I provide.  I may promote your project if it is made available for sale or distribution in the public domain, but I will not retain the rights to distribute or resell the audio. You will retain the right to sell or distribute the audio in any format you choose. You agree to always note my shared authorship or voice actor credit for the work whether and however it may be sold or distributed, as a tangible good or online, as "Mira Noire."

  • Revisions: My standard is 1 option for revision included. We can work out lower pricing that excludes the revision, too. Everything's flexible! Overtime spent on additional revision rounds is billed at an additional hourly rate to recover recording and editing time. See the "How I work" section for details below.

  • Format/delivery: Any audio format you request; please provide specific sound requirements in your project summary. Files will be delivered to you via email.

  • Payment: I require a 50% up front deposit via Paypal. 25% more at the feedback/revision point, and the remainder (25%) after completion. You agree to pay the PayPal fees for the transactionSubmission of your deposit assumes you agree to the above terms and pricing, as well as the below Scope of Work and delivery terms. You provide the remainder of the project fee within 14 days of receipt. (I will invoice you for the remainder.) If for some reason prior to completion you decide to cancel the project, your deposit will be retained as a "kill fee."

  • What is not included: I do not provide music beds, and provide vocal (spoken, dialogue or monologue) audio only.

How I work


  1. You provide the script. Please let me know if you also have file and recording quality preferences at this stage (16 bit, etc).

  2. On receipt of your deposit, I provide a demo: I provide a brief, unpolished sample just so you can hear style and tone and decide if you'd like to make changes. This is an excerpt from your project. You can also specify the excerpt you'd like me record for the demo. Creative character direction is really critical on receipt of the demo, to ensure you get the final product you love and will use. You'll provide your feedback, which I'll take to heart.

  3. I record the full script, and provide you a polished recording. We'll agree to the delivery timeline before I begin work.

  4. One revision round included: You let me know if you have changes - this can include an updated script, and issues like "speak faster" or "increase volume" or "sound more happy in this section." For this one round, all your feedback will be incorporated, as much or as little as you may have. This stage assumes the project is complete and delivered, but I want my customer to be happy so I include a revision round just to ensure nothing is amiss and you are happy with the result. If you'd like additional revisions above and beyond this, we'll need to come to an agreement over an additional hourly rate before I perform additional work. You may be asked to submit payment to the 75% progress point before further revisions are completed.

  5. After we finalize the project, I send you the file format you prefer.


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