Mira Noire began exploring erotica as a girl, reading Anne Rice's A.N. Roquelaire works, from the Beauty trilogy and beyond. Her every spare moment was spent reading, from literary fiction to fantasy to erotica, Tad Williams to Jane Eyre to Judy Bloom.

One day Mira asked herself - why shouldn't I write an erotic novel? If Anne Rice can, why can't I? 

As part of her "research," Mira began to take lovers while also working through a degree at Stanford University and  gainful employment. She dabbled with Craigslist, Nerve.com, Chemistry.com, eHarmony.com, and the occasional Vegas hustle. There were the Chippendales, the Olympic Gardens, and a private dance with a very well endowed male stripper.  

The occasional intrigue of a menage a trois with married couples, and a little lesbian experimentation.

Men with brooding eyes in hotel elevators, and soccer players chasing her and her friends through San Francisco's North Beach. Seedy redlit windows in Amsterdam, grandfathered brothels in Singapore, and  ...

the well-dressed man on the street in London growling and barking at her like a dog. He needed training, that one.

So did the one who wanted her to walk on his penis with her high-heeled shoes.

Life is long and complex and filled with erotic opportunities, and while she accepted some offers and declined others, each encounter reminded her of her love of erotic writing. She also eventually discovered online porn and, well, everything exploded in her mind's eye then. Literally and figuratively. With a whole world out there to explore, experience, and write about ...

Mira is back in the writing game.



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the stories

For Mira, writing erotica has always been an exploration of the sexual psyche - her curiosity about others and what might trigger a fetish, or how someone might live out their fantasies. Some of the fantasies and experiences are hers, some of them aren't, but they are all arousing to her to write simply because they expose the vulnerability between people and their basest needs. The most interesting stories are always about flawed characters - people you may not necessarily like, but who must face who they are, and what they want, and hopefully come to understand what it is to love themselves, and finally, to truly and unconditionally love someone else.

Mira first shared all her work on a free site she created called Worderotic.com. She maintained it fairly well until 90+ hour weeks in the tech industry made it hard to keep up.  Recently, Mira left her corporate job to commit to her creative life full time. In her "day job" she's still doing mainstream work as a marketing director. As Mira Noire, she's finally embracing her dream - to create written erotica for a living.


Mira Noire is a pseudonym; under her real name, Mira Noire's erotic work has been published in such places as MindCaviar.com, Cleansheets.com, and digital ebook publishers.

erotic voiceover

Mira also creates professional erotic voiceovers, and you can find her work through publishers like Audible. If you're interested in booking Mira for a project, check out the voiceover page for more details.

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